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Mary Daly Feminist Poster

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"To care about others, to care about the earth, to risk our lives for them if necessary – that’s what it should be to be a woman" / Mary Daly

Mary Daly (October 16, 1928 – January 3, 2010) was an American radical feminist philosopher, academic, and theologian. Daly, who described herself as a "radical lesbian feminist", taught at Boston College.

Mary argues that men throughout history have sought to oppress women. She argued against sexual equality, believing that women ought to govern men; Daly advocated a reversal of sociopolitical power between the sexes

Mary said it is the role of women to unveil the liberatory nature of labels such as “Hag”, “Witch”, and “Lunatic”. Daly's work continues to influence feminism and feminist theology, as well as the developing concept of biophilia as an alternative and challenge to social necrophilia. 

Mary was an ethical vegetarian and animal rights activist. Her books, Gyn/Ecology, Pure Lust, and Webster's First New Intergalactic Wickedary, all endorse anti-vivisection and anti-fur positions .Daly was a member of the advisory board of Feminists For Animal Rights.

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Poster is full-color, one-sided, and printed without the website watermark on the image as shown.

Posters are 18" X 24" printed on 80# coated cover stock with matte finish, and cost only $9.95, plus shipping. The prints are heat sensitive - do not dry mount.

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