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Women 100% Cotton Top - Vegan Feminist

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VEGAN FEMINIST / "End the male diet of violence against females!"  / "Factory farms is based on exploiting the reproductive system of female animals. 150 Billion animals are killed annually." / FOR MOTHER EARTH

This intersection of the oppression of women and the oppression of animals is not unique. Women and animals, along with land and children, have historically been seen as the property of male heads of households. Patriarchy (male control of political and family life) and pastoralism (animal herding as a way of life) appeared on the historical stage together and cannot be separated, because they are justified and perpetuated by the same ideologies and practices.

There are many examples of this intersection. Milk may be defined as the exploitation of the reproductive capacities of the cow in order to produce profits for the dairy industry. Cows are forcibly and repeatedly impregnated so that their bodies will produce the milk intended to sustain their calves. People then steal both the milk and the calves. The cows suffer painful physical ailments, such as mastitis, as well as the emotional distress of having their children and their own freedom torn away from them. Meanwhile, milk products are responsible for an unhealthy acceleration in the onset of menses in girls and are also correlated with breast cancer in women. Thus the mammary glands of cows are exploited in order to produce a product that harms the mammary glands of women.


Shirt Description:
Gildan Ladies' Ultra Cotton T-Shirt. 100% preshrunk cotton; Flattering feminine cut; Double-needle stitching throughout; Taped shoulder-to-shoulder; Narrow 5/8" ribbed neck. 6" X 8" Image size, digitally printed with water-based ink.

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Small, Medium, and Large

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