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Native American Poster

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"VEGETARIAN / Native American, Aztec & Mayan children in olden times ate 100% vegetarian diets until ten years old. / FOR HEALTH"

Native American agriculture is thousands of years old. Maize was started 6,000 years ago, and potatoes was domesticated 5,000 years ago. In addition, Native Americans cultivated numerous varieties of bell peppers, red peppers, peanuts, cashews, sweet potatoes, avocados, passion fruit, zucchini, green beans, kidney beans, maple syrup, lima beans, cranberries, pecans, okra, chocolate, vanilla, sunflower seeds, pumpkin, cassava, walnuts, forty-seven varieties of berries, and pineapple. 

In olden times, children in tribes like the Choctaws, Aztec, Mayan, and Zapotec ate 100% vegetarian diets until at least the age of ten years old. The primary food was cereal, especially varieties of corn. Such a diet was believed to make the child strong and disease resistant. (The Spaniards were amazed to discover that these Indians had twice the life-span they did.) A totally vegetarian diet also insured that the children would retain a life-long love of grains, and thus, live a healthier life. 

Many of the tribes were surrounded by abundant fish, deer, birds and yet they ate a diet consisting only of plant foods. Whether they hunted or not, Native people respected life and the creatures that inhabited the world around them. Every tribe had their own version of the "Creation" or "How the World Began" legend - many of these stories told of the people (and animals) all being vegetarian.

A Cherokee legend describes humans, plants, and animals as having lived in the beginning in "equality and mutual helpfulness". The needs of all were met without killing one another. When man became aggressive and ate some of the animals, the animals invented diseases to keep human population in check. The plants remained friendly, however, and offered themselves not only as food to man, but also as medicine, to combat the new diseases. 

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