"Feminist" Cotton Tank - $9.95
"Beauty" in Arabic Tank - $9.95
"Love" in Chinese Tank - $9.95
"Feminists Rock!" Tank - $9.95
"Meditate" in Arabic Tank - $9.95
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yoga gear

Yoga/Fitness Pant - $19.95
Organic/Recycled Long Pants - $18.95
Capri Legging - $16.95
Cotton/Spandex Legging - $12.95
Capri Pant- $17.95
Capri Scrunch Pant - $13.95
Crop Pant - $13.95
Bamboo Tank - $16.95
Bamboo Long-Sleeve - $20.95

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"Despite continuing and constant opposition, the movement grows and expands. It shows that something can be done. Sometimes I marvel at the work we've done, despite the fact that maybe half of our time is spent just trying to survive. I wonder what we would have achieved if the government was supporting us instead of intimidating us." - Wangari Maathai
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